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Mark Gibney is the Belk Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina-Asheville and the author or editor of 14 books on human rights.  Since childhood when Leo the Lion of MGM would cast a magical spell on him, Gibney gets goosebumps every time he begins to watch a film with the expectation – sometimes met – that he is about to witness something great.







Gearóid Ó Cuinn is an Academic Fellow at Lancaster University Law School in the UK. His research focuses on human rights law and public health governance. Some of Gearóid’s research has been the subject of the documentary “Apples of the Golan” (2012) and he founded the film programme of the Human Rights Law Centre at the University of Nottingham. A believer in the power of film as a means for social change. Follow him on Twitter: @gocuinn